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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions2024-01-11T03:21:37-07:00


Where to buy tickets?2024-01-11T03:22:33-07:00

Tickets are available online directly through the Box Offices of our two venues – Mount Royal University and University of Calgary.

Click here for all information.

Is it possible to transfer tickets to other people?2024-01-09T02:15:43-07:00

Patrons can forward their tickets to other patrons.

Will-Call tickets should be picked up by the original cardholder, or the cardholder should contact us ahead of time to change the tickets.

Is it possible to exchange tickets for another show?2024-01-09T02:16:24-07:00

Yes, but the theatres charge a $5.00 exchange fee per ticket.

What if I misplaced my receipt?2024-01-09T02:17:07-07:00

No problem, we have the name of the person who purchased the tickets at the Will-Call at the
theatre. Be prepared to provide ID.

Can l have my tickets mailed to me?2024-01-09T02:17:45-07:00

Tickets are only available via email or at Will Call.

Theatres and Parking

Where will the films be shown?2024-01-11T03:23:03-07:00

University of Calgary
February 1-4, 2024

Bella Concert Hall, Mt Royal University
February 15-18, 2024

Click here for more info about locations.


Click here both theatre locations and parking options.

Parking is free at Mt. Royal University for the matinee on Sunday, February 18th.


Both theatres operate a concession before the shows and during the intermission.

Programs and Films

Film selection and programs for February 2024 shows2024-01-09T02:22:28-07:00

The final selection for the programs be made and posted on our website in mid December, 2023.

Due to the number of films being shown, we offer two different programs, these are designated
as either program 1 or 2. Each program will show a unique set of films.

Are the films the same as shown in Banff?2024-01-09T02:24:23-07:00

The festival in Banff features about 80 films over 9 days.

In Calgary, we will show about 17-18 films chosen – based on topics and quality – from the overall Banff Centre World Tour selection.

What is the length of the program?2024-01-09T02:25:13-07:00

Generally, the length of the program (evening) is about 3 hours, which includes a 20 minute break.

Are the films suitable for children?2024-01-09T02:26:16-07:00

The content of the films is determined by the filmmakers, and may include course language, drug use and frightening events. Generally, we recommend that the films are suitable for children 12 years and older. However, we encourage you to check out the film’s classification.

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